• Seerose-Resort-and-Spa-Meisterschwanden_SPA_pool_13.jpg

    Diving in
    at Lake Hallwil

  • Bad-Bubendorf-Hotel-Bubendorf-Rooms_103.jpg

    Coming together in
    the Basel Area

  • Sonne-Seehotel_Eich_Aussenansicht_10.jpg

    at Lake Sempach

  • Bad-Ramsach-Quellhotel_Laeufelfingen_Aussenansicht_03.jpg

    at the Wisenberg

  • Seeblick-Hoehenhotel_Emmetten_design.jpg_201804_Hotel und Aussicht_300dpi-1_preview.jpg

    in the heart of Switzerland

  • Muerset-Restaurants_View.jpg

    Stop by
    at the Aarauer Schachen

What is Your Wish?

Relax. Enjoy.

Five hotels and one restaurant embody the uniqueness of a commitment dedicated to the perfect symbiosis and harmony of guest, host, nature, environment and architecture. With consideration and foresight, a feel-good atmosphere is created in which all and everything is embedded that belongs to an unforgettable and sustainable hospitality. An extraordinary experience. For the good in life

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The Balance Familie is characterized by a uniform brand promise: to live the good. That's why communication with you is so important to us. We would like to invite you to dive into our Balance Blog. "The (or that) blog," explains Wikipedia, "is a diary or journal kept on a website and therefore usually open to the public, in which at least one person, the blogger, keeps records, posts or writes down thoughts. Often from the first-person perspective". That's exactly how it is with out blog. Here you get a very special insight into our group. The blogger in this case is mainly a woman: entrepreneur Rhéane Suhner talks personally about experiences, occasions, observations and leaves her space for thoughts. We would be delighted if you could also "connect" with us on this digital path (in German only).

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