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Balance Familie

Five hotels and one restaurant embody the uniqueness of a commitment dedicated to the perfect symbiosis and harmony of guest, host, nature, environment and architecture. With consideration and foresight, a feel-good atmosphere is created in which all and everything is embedded that belongs to an unforgettable and sustainable hospitality. An extraordinary experience. For the good in life


Felix & Rhéane Suhner

Throughout their lives, the entrepreneurial couple have been committed to their values of "commitment, responsibility and meaning" - both professionally and privately. With enthusiasm, untiring commitment and support from his wife Rhéane, Felix Suhner has built up the small hotel group over the last few years. After 20 years in the operations, the graduate hotelier and trained chef decided to shift his tasks to the development of the hotel group. Together with his wife and the team of the Balance Familie, additional values for guests and hotels are created true to the vision of "living the good". Their passion is hotel architecture and the design of wellness oases. In their spare time, they find ideas for new concepts together with their two children at international trade fairs and in the hottest hotels at home and abroad.

Felix & Rhéane Suhner

Management Team

Board of Directors Balance Familie

  • Felix Suhner

    Felix Suhner

    Entrepreneur/ Chairman of the Board

  • Peter Herzog

    Peter Herzog

    Member of the Board

  • Rudolf Fehlmann

    Rudolf Fehlmann

    Member of the Board